About Tavern on the Hill

Eat. Drink. Connect.

Eat – The Freshest Locally Sourced Ingredients

Drink – Progressive Variety Of Refreshments, Potions & Spirits

Connect – Life is better when you're laughing.

The Tavern Story

Our owner, Bryan Flaherty grew up on Arrowhead Road. Just a stone's throw away from this restaurant. Back then, this hill was just a hill with some huge and very comfortable Bluestone rocks. It became a favorite pastime for kids to skip stones, swap stories, enjoy long summer days, and on rare occasion, sneak a cig.

The rock on the hill (aka Kissing Rock) was also where Bryan experienced his first kiss. A special place indeed!

We believe this restaurant is more than just a business: it's a way to connect to our local roots and give back to the community. In a world dominated by social media, we believe that real connections-like sharing a great meal with family or laughing with friends over a few drinks-are the foundations of long-lasting relationships.

And at Tavern on the Hill, we encourage our guests to "Eat. Drink. Connect" –face to face, in real time.

Welcome to Tavern on the Hill. We love it here, and think you will, too.

Tavern on the Hill and the other Black Woods Group properties (Black Woods Grill & Bar – Duluth, Proctor, Two Harbors, Black Water Lounge, Greysolon Ballroom, Black Woods Event Center and Black Woods Catering) do as much as possible to help stimulate our local economy by purchasing ingredients, supplies and equipment from local markets. We supply over 400 jobs in our community, many offering our local students the ability of living and creating a career here in Duluth.

Menu – Ingredients with integrity.

We work with our local partners to source the freshest, healthiest and most ethically raised products. Tavern on the Hill supports our local businesses in every product and directly impacts our local community's growth.